Free US Import Data Subscription :Frequently Asked Questions

♣  Who is USImports?

We are an India based IT startup headquartered in Financial capital of India - Mumbai.

♣  Can I get Free USA Import data?

You can search Free USA Import Data from homepage of

♣  How Frequently Free USA Import data is updated?

USA Import Data Free access is currently updated on bimonthly Basis

♣  What is the minimum time period for a subscription?

We offer customized solution to every need from a single consignments information to complete access to all US Imports Bill of Lading Data. you can get what you want and the way you want.

♣  Can I change plans?

Yes, anytime.

♣  What happens at the end of my initial commitment?

After your initial purchase, we reach out to you to understand benefit you have received and help you in getting more on a continuous basis.

♣  How will you bill me?

We send you Invoice and bank details you have option of Cheque, Draft, NEFT, RTGS and swift transfer.

♣  Do you offer any discounts?

We have priced it at lowest level in the entire Trade Intelligence industry. So you are 100% certain about getting best deal.

♣  How will I receive this data?

Reports are downloadable in PDF, Excel or CSV format.

♣  Who are your customers?

While it's fun to splash customers' logos all over a website, However we do not wish to wake up competitors of our esteemed clients.

♣  What, exactly, is in your U.S. import data?

We offer transactional data for all U.S. waterborne imports. This is gathered by USimports from the manifests of Bills of Lading filed through the Automated Manifest System (AMS) of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

♣  How current is USimports data?

For imports, USimports data is available at every month end.

♣  Does USImports include air freight?

USImports data tracks US import and export Bills of Lading for waterborne (sea) shipments only. Bills of Lading for air shipments are not publicly released by US Customs like they are for waterborne trade. In some cases, we can offer data made available to us through foreign sources, and these include air shipments to and from specific Latin American countries and India.

♣  Can I get data for Canada and Mexico?

As stated above, USIMPORTS core data is taken from U.S. Customs bills of lading for waterborne (sea) shipments. This of course does not include overland (truck and rail) trade with Canada or Mexico. However, in the case of Mexico cross-border trade, we are able to provide rail & truck shipment data made available through our foreign partners. This information is available for Mexico only - Canada will not authorize release of records for overland cross-border trade.

♣  Can I find shipments that are not to or from the United States?

We offer supplemental data for specific countries - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Russia, Sri lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam and Venezuela.

♣  Does USimports include CIF values (Cost, Insurance and Freight)?

No. Freight and insurance costs are not declared to U.S. customs, so they are not released to us with bills of lading. However we advise to forward your query to us. Imports value can be accurately ascertained from export of specific country.

♣  Does US Imports include tariff information?

No. Declared value and tariffs are not included in the publicly released data from U.S. customs.



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